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About Rivers


Below are 20 crucial rivers in India listed with their origination source and approximate length, have a look!

1. Ganga: Ganga is holy river of India and originates from combined river sources. It falls into Bay of Bengal and has total length 2525 Kms.

2. Indus: River Indus originates from Mansarovar Rakas Lake and meets Arabian Sea finally. It is 2880 Kms in length.

3. Satluj: Satluj too originates from Lake Mansarovar but meets Chenab in the end. Total length of river Sutlej is 1050 Kms.

About Rivers-

4. Jhelum: Jhelum River originates from Verinag (Kashmir) and falls into Chenab. Its total length is 725 Kms.

5. Ghagra: Ghagra River initiates from Matsatung glacier and falls into Ganga finally. It is 1080 Kms in length.

6. Beas: River Beas comes from Rohtang Pass and finally meets Sutlej. It is 470 Kms in total length.

7. Betwa: Betwa River originates from Vindhyanchal and finally meets Yamuna. It is 480 Kms long.

8. Ravi: Ravi River comes from Kullu Hills very near to Rohtang Pass. It then meets Chenab in the end and has 720 Kms of length.

9.Yamuna: Most people from Hindu religion know Yamuna River for its holiness. It comes from Yamunotri and falls into Ganga. Its total length is 1375 Kms.

10. Son: River Son comes from Amarkantak and finally goes into Ganga. Its total length is 780 Kms.

11. Narmada: Narmada too originates from Amarkantak but it meets Gulf of Khambat later on. It is 1057 Km in length.

12. Godavari: Godavari comes from mountains of Nasik district in Maharashtra and falls into Bay of Bengal.

13. Sabarmati: Sabarmati River originates from Aravallis and falls into Gulf of Khambat. It is just 416 Kms long.

14. Luni: Luni River initiates from Aravallis and meets Rann of Kuchchh. It is 450 Kms long.

15. Krishna: River Krishna comes from Western Ghats and end in Bay of Bengal. It has total length of 1327 Kms.